Secure parking place in the centre of Belgrade.



Parking in the center of Belgrade is the problem as similar as in almost all major cities. Belgrade does not have a sufficient number of public parking garages, neither most of the commercial buildings in the center do not have their own parking.

Therefore, the reason why garage is the most noteworthy advantage that our hotel provides to our guests is obvious. If you are a guest of our hotel it is much more convenient and less expensive putting the car in our underground garage because there is no time limit and you do not have to bother looking at your clock at every hour. Beside hotel’s guests garage services are available to everybody who wants to have safe parking place in the Belgrade city center. We provide 24/7 video surveillance and well trained workers for your cars to keep safe.


Number of parking places is limited and previous reservation is necessary.

Please beware that in accordance with the house rules cars parked inside garage must be left unlocked with the keys attached.

Height limit for all vehicles is 2.30 m.

It is not allowed to park vehicles carrying inflammable and waste materials or substances that are dangerous to the environment, as well as vehicles with trailers.

The vehicle condition shall be established upon receipt of the vehicle in the garage in the presence of garage workers and the owner or user of the vehicle. The current condition will be recorded in confirmation of receipt the vehicle.

Are kindly requested owners or users of vehicles not to leave items of value in vehicles, Slavija Hotels are not liable for damage or disappearance of any item.

Motorcycle All-day use 700 RSD (cca 6 €)
Car All-day use 1200 RSD (cca 10 €)
Mini bus/Van All-day use 1500 RSD (cca 13 €)
Motorcycle All-day use 900 RSD (cca 7,5 €)
Car All-day use 1500 RSD (cca 13 €)
Mini bus/Van All-day use 2000 RSD (cca 16,5 €)
Exterior wash from 450 RSD (cca 3,80 €)
Full service from 600 RSD (cca 4,80 €)


Make yourself at home!


Although it has two stars, this hotel will not disappoint you concerning the facilities it provides. Hotel Slavija is all you need during your stay.


Beside washing and ironing services for our hotel guests, we also do a full-service laundry for third parties and as well for the companies.


The most important facility for the hotel located in the city center is a safe and secure parking. This is the reason why our hotel has an underground garage.


Yes, our rates can be even lower! Weather you are looking for accommodation, lunch, event hall or special place for your wedding day.


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